Virtual Chiropractic Billing and Claims

Our specialists offer a cost-effective solution for handling billing and insurance claims for chiropractic patients. Our virtual chiropractic administrators are trained and experienced in submitting claims and verifying frequencies, limitations, and clauses. By entrusting these tasks to ChiroVia, you’ll capitalize on our years of experience, saving your practice money without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of the billing and claim process.

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Virtual Chiropractic Billing & Claims Solutions

Our virtual medical billing and claim teams are trained to specifically handle chiropractic patient billing and insurance tasks, including:

Revenue Cycle Managemenet

We’ll help you achieve superior cash flow management with our streamlined billing and claims processes that optimize financial operations and drive increased profitability.

Claim Appeals and Grievances

Our expert administrators and negotiators resolve claim appeals and grievances efficiently minimizing delays and maximizing reimbursement for your practice.

Patient Inquiry Handling

Enhance patient satisfaction by entrusting patient inquiry handling to ChiroVia’s knowledgeable virtual chiropractic assistants, providing prompt and accurate responses to inquiries.

Accounts Receivable Management

You’ll benefit from ChiroVia’s dedicated support in managing accounts receivable, effectively reducing outstanding balances, and optimizing revenue collection for enhanced financial stability and improved practice profitability.

Patient Ledger Management

Ensure accurate patient ledger management with ChiroVia’s meticulous attention to detail, maintaining organized financial records for improved billing accuracy.

Medical Claim Submissions

ChiroVia streamlines claim submissions reducing errors and accelerating claim processing for faster reimbursement.

Claim Follow-Up

Maximize claim success rates through ChiroVia’s proactive follow-up, minimizing denials and optimizing reimbursement for your practice.

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